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In 2009, Tradies Success Academy founder and Head Coach Greg Allan was a young tradie struggling to manage his own Perth based electrical business, Response Electricians. Gruelling hours coupled with a poor financial return put a tremendous amount of strain on his mental and physical health, plus his relationship with his young family. Without the right guidance or support, Greg almost went out of business on three occasions. Each time, he survived. Each time, he learned something new.

He learned how to grow his business, think outside the box, and adopt Silicon Valley-inspired systems and solutions that tradies were never taught. After seven years, Greg turned things around completely and his electrical company became a fully-automated, profitable business that runs with no direct involvement – something he now helps others achieve in under 3 years.

Through experimentation, hard work, and plenty of setbacks and failures, Greg cracked the code to automate, scale, and optimise any trade business plus he identified a fatal flaw in the business coaching market – none of them were tradies. They didn’t understand the demands, struggles, or nuances of running a trade business. For the most part, the courses they provided were blanket solutions for any small business. In 2016, Greg decided to create a business coaching network for tradies, by tradies. The basic philosophy was to learn from people that had “been there, done that and made the mistake already – so you don’t have to!”.

Through the Academy, Greg pledged to bring the same success, balance and freedom he achieved to tradies all over the world – without the painful setbacks and mistakes that had almost derailed him.

… where are we now?

In the last seven years, the Academy has become the leading coaching platform for trade businesses all over the world. Greg and the Academy team have transformed thousands of businesses, and changed thousands of lives.

The Academy’s reputation has been built on its proven ability to consistently provide radical improvement for tradies at any stage of business, within months. Members of the Academy quickly find themselves with increased monthly revenue, enjoying more free time, identifying a clear path to growth, and getting full clarity into the performance of their business.

Greg has cultivated a team around him who share his passion for elevating the perception of trade business ownership through growth and learning, a team that also practices what he (and they!) teach. The Academy now provides members with support at all levels with a team providing the best courses and solutions for trade business owners. The team extends further with the community of Academy members playing an integral part, supporting one another, sharing knowledge and continuously growing alongside us.

It is the Academy’s vision is  to elevate the reputation of tradies and make it a respected and profitable profession. We do this by educating and inspiring a community of trade business owners, at all levels, to help them live their best lives. Support includes monthly membership with access to our growing community of trade business owners and extends all the way to new programs, engineered to meet the standards of today’s industry and catering to the individual business owner’s needs.

Do we really practice what we preach?

Absolutely. The Tradies Success Academy is an inclusive, growing and thriving community which started with Greg, and can now be seen in his team and you can experience as a member. With a strong advocation for personal performance, health and wellbeing is a key factor in our programs and our daily lives.

We want to see higher levels of achievement and fulfilment in your personal and professional lives.

We want you to be able to manage your business, relationships and goals through systems, practices and engaging in a supportive environment.

We want you to experience time and financial freedom by supercharging your natural energy and systemising plus automating your business.

We want to see you fulfilled in your work and life so that the benefits then pass to your family and team.

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