Mastering Tenders and Winning Big πŸ’₯πŸ™Œ Scaling Your Construction Business

Can small trade business owners revolutionise their proposal game and secure bigger projects? Get some incredible insights from Tash Taylor


Get ready to take your construction business to new heights on the Tradies Success podcast. Our special guest, Tash Taylor, from multinational construction company Laing O’Rourke, shares her expertise in working with small and medium-sized enterprises to excel in tier one projects.

Learn how to showcasing your best tender with safety standards, previous achievements, and team capabilities, as well as navigate the challenges, develop your workforce, and implement crucial elements like health and safety, sustainability, and social procurement.

Take this opportunity to scale your business and unlock its full potential.

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Tradies Success

Manage Your Time Better

What so many tradies don’t realise, is that almost all of these problems circle back to the art of mastering processes around time management. Time management is the art of becoming more organised and productive with your time.

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Epic feedback from our members…

Anyone starting a business should seriously consider having a business coach. My business wouldnt be where it is today with out the TSA and their amazing team of coaches. The content is spot on and the support doesnt waiver.

Trade Business Coaching
Stirling Charlish

Being an Electrcian for 20 + years I can aquite humbly admit that i dont know it all ! However the Combined Experience within the Academy – they DO!.

Being supported and Surrounded by fellow tradesman who’ve have been where I’m about to go in business takes away the level of stress and axiety.

If you’re brave enough to want to be better in business and a person, learn from others and get out of your comfort zone – Then the Academy is for You.

Nothing to lose Everything to gain !!!

Trade Business Coaching
Ross Mirams

From surviving through lockdowns to navigating your cost of operations, these guys do it all! Sensational advice and content that keeps you on the path of growing a successful business. Thanks legends!

Trade Business Coaching
Andrew Eisenhuth
Local Guide