Tradie Business – Customer Service Tips

Tradie Business – Customer Service Tips

Tradie Business – Customer Service

‘Yeah hi, it’s Greg calling from Tradie Business. Yep, maybe, like 15 minutes?

Cool. We will just do some tradie business stuff, yeah.

Ok bye then’

Does that sound like a phone call you’d have before getting a 5 star Google review for your tradie business? Didn’t think so!

One super easy strategy is the Tradie Business Ice Breaker Principle. It can change the dynamic of every job you go to – and it’ll take less than 5 minutes!
The likelihood of getting more reviews is higher, you’ll be increasing efficiency, your chances of getting upgrades on site are more likely and all the while you’ll be providing excellent customer service and making a lifelong customer!

So, what is the Ice Breaker Principle?

It’s essentially creating a connection with the customer before you arrive at the job site.

It’s not unusual for customers to feel a bit of anxiety with a tradie business coming into their home or workplace. They may also have a negative stereotype about tradies or could have had a bad experience in the past. To help eliminate any anxiety or negative stereotypes, we want to develop a positive relationship with our client before we even get to site.

Step #1


  • Make a call to the customer either a couple of hours before arriving (or the day before if easier)

This call isn’t just a notification or reminder, but an opportunity to provide value simply by just showing an interest in the customer. Ask them how their day is going, if they have weekend plans, if they have any exciting holidays planned – By doing this, you can make the customer feel special and valued and they will feel more relaxed waiting for you to arrive.

Step #2

  • Smile whilst you talk!

Believe it or not, your body language plays a part in how you sound on the phone. Although they can’t see you – it’s transferable! 

Do a test now; try saying the same sentence twice, once smiling and once not..

See, there is a difference!
You want to switch the smile on when you are talking to customers over the phone – Trust us, it makes a positive difference!

Step #3

– Add padding

Don’t tell the customer you will be there in 2 hrs if you aren’t going to be! Tell them you’ll reach them between 12 and 2pm for example. Leaving more padding on either side gives you more flexibility and leaves you stressing less.

Finally, when you do arrive at the job site, remember the conversation you had with them earlier and ask them about it. If they mentioned a holiday, ask them when they are heading away or where they are going. This conversation does wonders with making the customer feel valued, appreciated and listened to. The chances of them leaving a positive review, recommending you to their friends and even upgrading the job off your recommendation are heaps higher now.

So what have you got to lose? That 3 minute call could add hundreds more value to every tradie business job you have booked! 

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