Referral Marketing Tips for Tradies

Referral Marketing Tips for Tradies

Are you struggling to find new clients and to grow your business? 

Keep reading, we’ve got some marketing magic for trade business owners.

They are super simple to implement and well worth just a small time investment.

One of the easiest ways to get new clients is through social media. Another bonus? It’s free! Joining your local Facebook community group is a great way to be seen by locals in the areas you service.

Once you’ve joined a group, do a quick search within the search bar of the group. You can simply type in keywords relevant to your trade like ‘plumber’ or ‘electrician’ and see the posts that group members have posted around your search words – Your services are needed! You might be surprised at how popular community groups like this are at generating work for businesses like yours. Word of mouth and referrals between locals on community groups is very powerful, so don’t underestimate the power of these groups!

Of course, you can post your business details in the group – but don’t just ask for business. Instead, try starting a conversation or ask a question to try and build a relationship with potential new clients first. 

You can also post something helpful or post something for seemingly no reason. A couple of examples could be a friendly reminder to check that your smoke alarms are still working, which may prompt people to call out an electrician to help them check and have everything signed off. Maybe it’s getting hot and AC installers will be getting booked up soon. Ideas that get the client thinking and coming to you.

Another idea could be a simple ‘Happy Easter from the team at..’ sometimes just sending good wishes can bring in some good work!

Another marketing magic trick is to hit up other trades in your area. If you’re a roofer, reach out to a carpenter and arrange to go for a coffee. Build a referral network with them and get a plumber on board too! It’s a great way to get new clients whilst growing your business, there’s minimal effort needed and you will all reap the rewards!

Building a referral network with other trades will be a game changer for your trade business. By reaching out to other local businesses and trades in your area, you can start to build relationships and refer to each other’s work and grow your businesses together. Even tradies in the same trade can benefit from referral work! Work with trades in your area when you can, not against them. Leveraging off each other’s marketing efforts will get you all more clients! By working together, you will all achieve your goals and be on track to build the trade business you’ve always dreamed of!

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