Putting Together An Epic Quote

Putting Together An Epic Quote

How to put together an epic quote? Tradies, this is for you!

  • Make it professional 
  • Include a cover letter
  • Get the formatting right – No typos or spelling and grammar errors
  • When you’re writing your quote, remember, you are writing to Sandra next door, or Matt down the road. Keep the quote simple, only include what’s relevant to the client. Letting them see that your business will provide top quality materials is important, yes, but naming every single technical jargon, big words and fluffy phrases are only going to confuse your clients and cost you more time in the long run. 

Do you offer fast quotes?

Fast service?

Are you more reliable?

Never late?

You’re a local, family business?

Have better accreditation?

Use better materials? 

Once you have a solid idea of what your strengths are, you need to tailor your message to your target market. But, who is your target market? The Academy goes into depth on helping you make decisions regarding the finer details of your business, like whether you want to target families or business managers or whether or not you add team profiles to your website and what type of language and design you go for. 

Dot points are PERFECT for quotes and cover letters, each point effectively communicates your strengths and keeps the quote easily readable and digestible, highlighting why you are the one for the job.

Are Quote Letters A One-Size Fits All?

Nope! You want to be as targeted and personal as you can get. First thing you need to do? Work out what makes YOUR service unique. What shortcuts are your competitors taking and how can you position your service as superior to theirs?

Quote Letter Must Haves:

Make sure you include all that apply to you:

– Safety assurances and measures

– Professional accreditation and the right registrations

– Speed and quality if service and/or work

– Length of warranty

– Lifetime is powerful, if you can offer it

– Material quality and origin

– Awards and achievements

– Experience and track record

– Partnerships that add value to your service

Have a flick through of our Tradies Success magazine to finish the article and get more tips and tricks on converting more clients for your tradie business!

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