Peak Performers Program

The Peak Performer program is designed to help you grow and scale your business by focusing on the implementation of what needs to be done in order for you to achieve your dream vision.

This is the pinnacle of coaching programs for tradies in the Academy. Over the last twelve months, the Academy’s 150+ Peak Performers average revenue growth of 300%. They saw their annual take-home pay increase by over 50% and reduced their time at work by over 15 hours per week. 

Included in Peak Performers:

  • Masterclass Sessions you’ll have your OPTIONAL four week Masterclass that you can attend each week and you get to choose the time, topic and coach of the core session that suits your schedule best. You’ll have the same coach for the duration of the 4 weeks ensuring you’re held accountable to implement systems into your business. Mid way through the month you’ll then get to choose your focus topic, coach and core session time, for the following month.
  • On Demand Coaching Sessions designed to give you that on demand support that is tailored to your business based on your specific challenges and goals. We have 12 coaches available throughout the week, who specialise in all areas of business and you’ll be able to book a time for a coaching call whenever suits you, for instance TODAY. These calls can include anything from help with a job management system, such as Simpro or Service M8, to sales or help with your accounting systems or TIME management and challenges with staff.
  • Monthly Staff Training which you can split into Apprentices, Tradespeople, Admin & Operations Manager groups to up-skill your staff in areas that will improve the effectiveness, efficiency and profit of your team
  • Access to Partners Success Academy (PSA) a community for those involved in your life and business, often our partners and family feel as stressed and under pressure as business owners themselves, this community is a place to get information, support and just have a chat with others in similar ciscumstances.
  • Access to a mental health specialist if you’ve been a member for 3 months you can you book in and have 3 complimentary sessions on us.

Peak Performers provides an on-going, high level of support which goes far beyond being profitable. It’s where our members become part of the Academy family, live events where partners and children are welcome and where you can come to advice about anything!

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