Keystone Tasmania Course Substitute Partnership

Keystone Tasmania Course Substitute Partnership

Keystone Tasmania is an independent state-wide organisation. Our work is funded by a levy on building and construction projects over the value of $20,000. A Board of Directors with broad industry and education experience administers the allocation of funds to workforce development projects and via training subsidy across all sectors of the industry.

Are you a registered business owner of a trade business in Tasmania? With Keystone you can have 80% of the Incubator Course subsidised.

So what’s included in our 10 week Incubator Course?

What’s included?

  • A dedicated specialist coach for the duration of the 10 weeks who has first hand experience setting up and automating a trade business
  • Access to a community of trade business owners who will act as an extended support network that grows together and keeps one another accountable, while acting as a sounding board for common questions and challenges faced
  • Weekly virtual coaching session (2 hours) at a set day and time each week, where a different topic will be covered and immediate support and expert advice on challenges provided
  • Financial guidance to help trade business owners understand the key financial factors in operating a profitable business, including how to read a financial report like a pro and maximising financial health

What’s covered?

  • Week 1 – Goal Setting & Vision
  • Week 2 – Pricing Structures & Costings
  • Week 3 – Positioning Product/Service as Premium & Providing Value Differential
  • Week 4 – Conversion Masterclass
  • Week 5 – Accounting
  • Week 6 – Digital Marketing
  • Week 7 – Client Acquisition & Retention
  • Week 8 – Digital Assets
  • Week 9 – Hiring & Culture (Power Session 1 of 2)
  • Week 10 – Systems (Power Session 2 of 2)

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