Freedom Fighters

Our new Freedom Fighters program is for those truly committed. Follow this program and you’ll have operational time freedom!

Freedom Fighters is the first tradie business training platform of its kind. This is for the truly committed who know how to put the hard work in now and reap the benefits. Founder and head coach Greg Allan has made it his mission to provide this intense level of training to those ready to fully commit and transform their lives and business.

Included in Freedom Fighters:

  • Experience the power of small groups where collaboration, support, motivation and inspiration to achieve your long-term goals are the absolute key to success.
  • Be guided by specialist strategic coaches with hands on experience in starting up, scaling up and automating their own trade businesses.
  • Create a 1, 3 and 5 year roadmap for which we help you set attainable goals, measure results and keep you on track.
  • Meet with your Board on a monthly basis to reflect, analyse and strategically plan the actions you’ll need to take each month to meet your long term goals. Plus take part in mid-month check-ins with your Board to keep the momentum going and seek support to overcome any challenges. Each Group will include 10-12 other business owners who have been carefully selected based on trade, company size and work type.

To join a Freedom Fighters we encourage you to have gone through our Incubator Program but more importantly we look at your business, life and longterm goals, current position and commitment. We make sure groups are aligned so we can encourage and drive everyone involved to succeed together, plus you’ll all be able to support one another.

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