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“I was pretty down and out thinking it was just going to be me operating the van for the rest of my working life. I didn’t have focus or direction with where I was going.

I joined the Academy in August last year, after four years of running my carpet cleaning business.  After just a few months of working with the coaches and learning systems, I put on my first tradie, and bought a second van.  I started my new guy on 15 hours, and he’s already up to 30. My revenue has gone up, and I’m investing more into the business for growth down the track.

My mind is a lot clearer now. The Academy has given me that sense of direction. As I keep taking these next steps, I’m getting more and more confident. I’m not afraid of the word “no” anymore.  I’ve put a line in the sand now where I don’t work weekends.  Sometimes it seems too good to be true.

When you’ve had knocks in your life, you feel like every time you take a step forward, you take two steps back.  At the moment, I’m still stepping forward, waiting for that kick in the guts.  But it hasn’t happened.

Before joining the Academy, I was just happy to settle and cruise along like everyone else.  Now I’m in the mindset that I want to retire quite comfortably and still dip my toe in the business.  It’s never going to be perfect. But you’ve got to believe in yourself and go for it.

If you are a tradie in business, you have to try the Academy, seriously, you won’t regret it.”