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“I developed a love of nature growing up in the Solomon Islands. A career advisor turned me onto arboriculture, which I didn’t even know existed, and I haven’t looked back. Business was reasonably stable, but I wasn’t getting massive growth. I wanted to make large-scale change in the world, but I didn’t have the processes to do that. I decided to piggyback on the people that had already done the processes and know what works, so I could follow that and fast-track my business.  I’ve learnt it’s about the hundreds of little things that make a big difference.

Sales strategies, the front-of-box strategy, and the other systems I’ve been learning have all add added up to make a 100% difference.  Having the framework of the strategies lets me go and do what needs to be done.  Learning on-site quoting, and the shopping list pricing system, has been absolutely massive.  Confidence in actually being able to spit out a price and sell has been huge.  With that confidence, I get more conversions. I’ve been reaping the rewards with revenue and business growth.

Since joining the Academy 3 months ago, I’ve put my first tradie on, another casual, with a third staff member on the way!
I’ve just got one ute and a fairly small chipper, but I’m going to add a bigger truck and a bigger chipper soon, with a four day work week for myself and the rest of the team. The driving force behind my business is creating a regenerative arboriculture industry.

I want to put more trees back than we take and make it so successful that others can mimic our model so we can reforest suburbia.
The best part is learning from the coaches and watching the videos is not a chore, it’s not like sitting in a classroom.
It’s actually enjoyable, and a big value return.”