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“It was almost like the blinkers came off. There was this big world out there. It opened up a whole new world of opportunity. I used to think to myself, I’m going to get work from this builder, but if not, I can go back and subbie. I even told my old boss when I left, I could still subbie for him. But knowing what I know now, I could never go back. I could never go back to work for someone else, knowing the techniques that we’ve learned.

Before the Academy, if someone asked me to check a lightswitch, I’d go in, fix the light-switch, and walk out, as quickly as possible.
But providing a service, and adding in the extras to make your service more valuable, has completely changed the way I work and look at business. The old-school tradesman is a closed book. It’s so refreshing to speak to people openly and honestly.

We don’t have to talk badly about other tradies. It’s just changed my perception of the industry. I could talk about the Academy all day. It really has changed my mindset, my goals, and my business. The opportunity it presents is incredible.

I can’t imagine anybody finding the value from the Academy for the price that it is, from anywhere else and highly recommend you try it and experience what I’m talking about.”