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I took on a big contract, took on some new staff to handle the load and then things went really badly for me… I wasn’t present enough in the business at the time. My contract pricing wasn’t accurate. The builders I was working for weren’t crash hot  and I lost a load of money and I didn’t even realise it. I was forced to scale back my business. I realised I needed help to build back up.

When I found out about the Academy, it clicked and it made sense to me to get on board and give it a crack. One big thing that stands out to me is having coaches that are in the field and running trade businesses themselves.

It’s so relatable to us having other people in the Academy that live the same tradie lifestyle and have the same challenges.

It’s so good to hear the tips and tricks every single day I’m learning something new and impactful! I feel like my life is getting more organised because I’m more comfortable running the business.

The way it’s broken down in the Academy makes it all feel so simple. The next few months look really good – Last week I applied what I learnt about presenting yourself and talking to potential clients.  I won the builder over and even put my rates up to be more profitable.

My confidence has grown massively, and it never would’ve happened if I didn’t join the Academy. I never had the confidence in me before this. Now I just feel like I can do it and I believe in myself.”