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“One of the most important things for me is creating the time freedom so I can spend quality time with my family.  Being an air conditioning business, we had huge cycles of busy summer and slow winter seasons. I used to dread the winter coming because each year brought new stresses, especially with staff and making sure they had work.  This pulled my attention away from what I care about most and so needed to make some changes to become more consistent.

Since I’ve started at the Academy, everything has improved!  The amount of work we complete, our team, our profitability, my work/life balance and the consistency of work through better systems and marketing we’ve set up. I feel a lot more comfortable with the business now – Like I’ve got a really clear direction I’m heading in.  I’ve got a support network and great minds like Greg, Mitch, and Kirk to help me out.  If I have any questions, I know they’re gonna be answered.

The Peak Performers program has helped me achieve the goals that I’ve set for our business, which translates into more profitability, more free time for family, and more day to day motivation. When you’re surrounded by people doing the same thing, you just don’t feel alone in it.  Rather than sitting back, you’re bouncing ideas off each other.

That’s what I find most valuable about the Peak Performers! Because you can get stuck in your day to day trap instead of growing your business – but when you dial into weekly, that motivation is great.

Now I’ve got the confidence to follow up work, chase new leads, and that translates into hiring new staff.
Profitability and workload just keeps growing every month – it’s been awesome.”