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“I recently moved from Melbourne to Beechworth, in regional Victoria, and I didn’t want to start my business from square one again. I’d been running it for eight years. The Academy showed me I could run a business from a different town that I live in – I didn’t think it was possible. I didn’t have this vision before I joined. But now I’ve learnt how to systemise and automate my processes so that I can delegate what’s needed.

I had just one apprentice before I joined the Academy in September last year. I’ve got my partner doing admin now, and I’ve added two qualified plumbers. I’m managing them pretty easily. My revenue has gone up about 30K a month.

I was on the tools four days a week before joining, and I’m not really on the tools anymore. Maybe once a week. I have a really good work-life balance at the moment. It freed me up to spend a lot more time at home. The strategies I’ve picked up have helped with home life a lot.

I’ve learned how to systemise and automate my business, how to be a bit more professional in the way I go about it, and the marketing tools have drummed up a lot of extra work.  Everything I’ve learnt has helped immeasurably. Thankyou TSA!”