03 Tradie Diet Mythbusters

03 Tradie Diet Mythbusters

Are your eating habits affecting your mindset & your ability to achieve goals?

Myth: What you eat doesn’t affect your performance as a tradie business owner.

Fact: Nothing could be further from the truth!

You’re a high-performance vehicle, and your nutrition is your fuel – are you going to use 91 octane fuel or premium unleaded? If you skip meals and consume lots of quick, processed sugar-dense foods, you’ll be flat and lack energy. Eating natural, wholefoods with a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats consistently throughout the day will take your performance to the next level – just try it for a month and you’ll never look back.

Myth: The only way to be healthy is to be really nitpicky with what, and how, you eat – counting calories, timing meals, or depriving yourself of things you enjoy.

Fact: Being healthy doesn’t require crazy will power, constant attention, or anxiety around hitting specific targets. Some of these difficult-to-follow diets have their place, but not everyone has the mental bandwidth to stick with them.

The most important thing to focus on is eating REAL food – natural, unprocessed, wholefoods. Simply limiting the chemicals, hormones, refined sugars, and other crap added for a longer shelf-life will have a huge impact on your health and daily performance.

Myth: Coffee, energy drinks, and alcohol are necessary to pep you up in the mornings, or help you unwind in the evenings.

Fact: If you enjoy a cup of coffee or a cold beer you don’t need to cut them out completely, but you should be aware of how much you consume and how it affects your body. You don’t want to consume more than 400mg of caffeine per day (3-4 cups of coffee), and not within 12 hours of going to sleep. You don’t want to consume alcohol every single night since it prevents you from entering a truly restorative deep sleep. Your body will thank you if you moderate your consumption of coffee, energy drinks, and alcohol. 

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